A quick update

Just recently I read a book I didn’t like and I tried to read two books that let me down, so I gave up reading for a whole week. But, luckily, I found a wonderful crime novel to get me back on track and I’ve read 222 pages in 24 hours! Happy to be reading again!

Also, these books caught my eye and already part of my TBR list:

I came across Rules of Civlity thanks to Reading with Tea and I immediately fell in love with the plot, partly because it reminded me of The Great Gatsby and partly because it is seem a light reading. Set in Manhattan in the 1930’s, it describes the journey of a young woman, daughter to Russian immigrants.

Audrey’s Door seems the perfect light yet catchy novel to end my free time summer reading. I don’t expect this to be a masterpiece, just a fun, quick reading before heading back to college in September.

Also, I’d like to introduce you to my new Bookish Friend link: Fat books & Thin Women by Ellen. She was a Peace Corps volunteer and now has earned a Fullbright scholarship, so, apart from her reviews, her point of view is enriched by her amazing life experiences. Welcome, Ellen!


2 thoughts on “A quick update

    • Elena says:

      Thanks to you for your honest review! I’d gladly buy the book via your link to Amazon but shipping is too expensive. So, all I can do to be grateful is to share the title and your blog! Thanks for passing by 🙂


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