Gift Ideas – Graphic Novel

I’ve never been a fan of comics or graphics novels, but last year I watched Tamara Drewe (the movie) and I loved it… so much that my boyfriend eventually gave me the graphic novel on which it was based for Christmas. It was all a shock to face that new re-organization of the information, but also the fact that images narrated as much as dialogues did. It implied a new way or approaching the text and, since I love being challenged, I got into it. I loved it. It became a new favourite of mine.

Tamara Drewe narrates the return of the title character to her native town where she grew an ugly-duckling. But now, a successful writer in London and after a rhinoplasty, she is back and all the village knows it. It is loosely based on Far from the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy, but the setting is completely modern and so are the characters and their behavior.

  • For whom – Any reader who likes to be challenged/ fans of comic books or graphic novels.
  • Price – from $11,75 to $12,99 (Book Depository)
  • More comments – It is a great story with a strong and complex female main character.

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