Dear 2012…

I am not good at planning anything for longer than a week, so I’m not making any plans for 2012 except for being happy and reading a lot. But I do love lists, I really do. So, thinking about the “Months of…” to come and how I am getting into classics, probably due to the lack of literature lessons in school this year, these are some of my ideas.

  • March is Women’s History Month which combined with my love for Margaret Atwood, will probably end up in a special reading of some of her novels.
  • I will be taking a class on 19th century literature. so expect lots of poetry from that period. I am not a big fan of poetry but, if properly explained, I can get to like it.
  • I am also taking a class on 20th century English literature with the best professor ever so, I will probably get into 20th century works dealing or written by women. Also expects a lot of reflection posts!
  • I plan on keep blogging as much as I can and feel like it. But exam periods and boring subjects can prevent me from doing it. Anyway, I am always on Twitter if you need or want anything.
  • I am developing a special love for Southern literature, so I may buy some (or lots) of books by Southern women, history, suffragist, the civil war or even Gone with the Wind. I know, I have to read Gone with the Wind.

Southern author Eudora Welty


9 thoughts on “Dear 2012…

  1. amanda says:

    I like your plan for “being happy” – something I think we could all use! It sounds like you have some good reading thoughts for the coming year, and some good classes to look forward to.

    Happy New Year!


  2. Rikki says:

    I think your plans sound fantastic and pretty long term, too. Looking forward to reading your posts. it’s going to be an interesting reading year.


  3. Risa says:

    I think lots of people are showing some interest in poetry this year! I also plan to read a wee bit of it, though I’m not much of a poetry person. I’ll most likely be exploring the Romantic and Victorian poets, though. If I have any favourite poets, currently, they seem to be from those to era in English Lit!


    • Elena says:

      Well, I am not passionate about poetry but I’ll have to read it for my classes, so I plan on enjoying it as much as possible insteand of thinking how happier I’d be reading a novel.


  4. Caro says:

    I love the “being happy” resolution. More of us should commit to that. Anyway, I have yet to read Gone With the Wind too, maybe we’ll be reading it together 🙂


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