Spring is here!

Spring is here (this actually means my Spring break is finally here!) so, I’ve decided to change a few, little things:

  • On the menu you can now find an About page with more information about me.
  • Now the blog has a contact email, to be found on the right sidebar.

The reason for these changes is that I want to make the blog more accessible, but at the same time more complex. I started blogging seriously after visiting my good friend Sadie-Jean’s blog. Then, I started meeting people and seeing how hard-working and devoted you all are to your blogs. Sometimes I do not have so much time to spend at Books and Reviews (especially during school time) but many other days I can’t wait to get home and publish a review, or my thoughts.

I don’t want to plan anything long-term, I prefer to see things happen little by little and spontaneously, because everyday we learn new things that change us (and I do want to apply all of them to reading and blogging). So, for now there are the changes.

Also a big thank you to anyone who takes the time to read my blog, and even a bigger thank you to those who share their opinions.

To all my fellow students out there, enjoy the break, study hard and prepare for the wonderful summer to come!


3 thoughts on “Spring is here!

  1. belle says:

    Enjoy! I love Spring Break! Unfortunately this year I am studying at two different colleges with two different class schedules and I didn’t get one full, complete break. I can only hang onto the fact that I graduate on December 21, 2012. Until then, it’s going to be all uphill. Hopping around the blogs is my only little sanity that I feel good sneaking in to my schedule.


    • Elena says:

      Two colleges??? Wow… Impressive! Best of luck and keep the hard work, it’ll all pay off in Dec (I guess) 2013! You can come here to find sanity anytime you want 🙂


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