Quote: Cloud Atlas

Fall has finally decided to show up! Today I woke up to the perfect rainy day with empty streets and the need for a blanket at home. Today I woke up to the perfect day for reading. So, after the daily routine, I lit up a candle and surrounded myself by my books, curled up on a blanket and started to catch up with my weekly reading of Cloud Atlas. As I was reading one of my favourite stories (those of you who’ve read it know how many of them there are), I found this quote and thought it perfect to start the week:

Books don’t offer real escape, but they can stop a mind scratching itself raw.


Although I think books do offer escape, psychological and never physical which is why the character uttering the sentence is complaning, my mind has usually been saved and restored by reading. There is nothing to enjoy a day like reading, and there is nothing to better a day like reading so here goes this quote, dedicated to all those people who keep themselves sane thanks to reading. Happy week, everyone!


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