The WoMentoring Project

I just read this amazing post by Naomi and I wanted to share it in case any of you needed it. I think creating a supportive sisterhood is key and we can help each other much more than we think!

The Writes of Woman


Today sees the launch of a brilliant new initiative, The WoMentoring Project. The project came about when Kerry Hudson, author of Tony Hogan Bought Me an Ice-Cream Float Before He Stole My Ma and the forthcoming Thirst, identified a need for peer-mentoring for female writers at the beginning of their careers. I was on Twitter when Kerry mentioned the idea and watched offers come in from so many brilliant women – writers, editors, agents – offering their time and expertise for free.

I’m one of a significant number of bloggers promoting the project today and I’m doing so for two reasons: one is because I set this blog up to promote writing by women and I know how many brilliant females there are writing and working in the publishing industry who can help other women find a place; two is because I was lucky enough to do an MA in Creative…

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