Feminist Sunday: Everyday Sexism (Part II)

feministsundays2Feminist Sundays is a weekly meme created at Books and Reviews. The aim is simply to have a place and a time to talk about feminism and women’s issues. This is a place of tolerance, creativity, discussion, criticism and praise. Remember to keep in mind that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, although healthy discussion is encouraged.

It’s been a long time since I posted anything for Feminist Sundays, mainly because I am reading a lot and working on some very interesting reviews and interviews with women writers. But, yesterday I found this video and I had to share it with you all. I once had a female professor we will name Al, who was openly criticized by a fellow – male – classmate because she was teaching way too much feminism or women’s representation. Al wisely stared at my classmate for a few awkward seconds and then she said: “Well, it may sound not-interesting-enough for you. But let’s see how important it is: let’s make the women in this situation men”. And, obviously, the thought was so ridiculous we all burst out in laughter. Ever since, Al’s recommendation has stayed with me and it has been now turned into a short film called “The Oppressed Majority” by Eleonore Pourriat, who has many other feminist productions you can check here. The original is in French, but luckily for the rest of us, it is subtitled in English. I’ll leave you to laugh to a bare-chested woman high as a kite tells a baby how hot his father is.




4 thoughts on “Feminist Sunday: Everyday Sexism (Part II)

  1. madamebibilophile says:

    Yay! I miss Feminist Sundays when they’re not here. Sounds like you’ve been doing some really interesting stuff though. What a fantastic video – a very simple premise that makes such a powerful piece.


    • Elena says:

      Wow, that means A LOT. I had no idea you gals had been missing them so much. I will keep that in mind, the extra-work always pays off, not sure why I’m surprised to realize it over and over again 🙂


    • Elena says:

      Thank you, Cathy. Your comments mean the world to me. As I said above, I had no idea you missed the posts so much. I’ll keep that in mind. And lucky you to have known about the video before! It was such a discovery! I can’t wait to learn more about the director and her works.


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