It’s Monday. What Are You Reading?

I am joining you all today, sharing what I’m reading:

In my free time: Gone, Baby, Gone by Dennis Lehane. A good friend of mine who also adores crime fiction kept insisting on my need to read Stephen King and Denis Lehane so, a few months back I bought a second-hand copy of Lehane’s most well-known novel and I’m carrying it on my handbag everywhere I go. That’s how much I love it.

Gone, Baby Gone

For my PhD: Detective Agency. Women Rewriting The Hard-Boiled Tradition by Priscilla L. Walton and Manina Jones. I never thought I would write about hard-boiled crime fiction for my PhD, yet here I am, worshipping this book and everything it says.

Detective Agency

What are you reading?


8 thoughts on “It’s Monday. What Are You Reading?

    • Elena says:

      Glad to know I’m not the only crime fiction fan who hasn’t read it yet. I’m on page 275 of 515 and I am really enjoying it. It belongs to the American hard-boiled (non-feminist) tradition, so I have struggled with some issues, but nothing major. I think it’ll be a 4-star book for me. Have you seen the film?


  1. crimeworm says:

    I’ve got it too, and loved it. Shutter Island is also excellent (best if you haven’t seen the film, obviously!) and Mystic River is really good too. I think Lehane, George Pelecanos, Michael Connelly, Joseph Wambaugh, James Lee Burke and James Ellroy are absolutely the best male American crime writers at the moment. I’m glad you’re enjoying GBG.


    • Elena says:

      Hi, Linda! Well, I am not a huge fan of male American authors, so I am actually really glad that I’m enjoying Gone, Baby, Gone. As for Shutter Island, I only watched the film and I loved it – not that being a DiCaprio fan hurted me either. I have now encountered Perfidia in a few book shops and I’ve been tempted to buy it. Is it good?


  2. Grab the Lapels says:

    I’m getting into horror novels–just in time to write some reviews for October! Currently, I am reading Santa’s Little Helper, a Christmas-themed horror novel. After that, I will read a zombie trilogy by Leah Rhyne. I hope you stop by Grab the Lapels and read some of my reviews 🙂 Today, I reviewed a fun romance-romp about a woman who gets stuck in a virtual reality game about pirates.


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