Spanish Book Day

Today is the Book Day in Spain: we commemorate the death of Miguel de Cervantes, widely known for his Don Quixote, but also the death of William Shakespeare (I’ll never forget his star-crossed lovers). And we also buy books! Today, the city was full of posts where bookshops offered a -10% discount and I’m sure it would have been a total success if it had stopped raining for a few minutes.

I did not stop to buy anything, I had purchased a book on Saturday, a sequel to Three Bags Full, a detective novel where a flock of sheep investigate the death of their shepherd. No, I’m not joking. Yes, it is an extraordinary and lovely book (and I want to buy a sheep since I read it). This time the sheep go to France where they have another flock as neighbors… but it’s a flock of goats and even sheep know those animals are nuts, right?

But, coming back books and leaving my wonderful Irish sheep besides (cuteness overloaded, seriously, read the book!) I wanted to congratulate all my fellow bloggers, readers and friends who take time to share their wonderful thoughts with the rest of the world. As an almost-native user of technology, I sometimes forget how incredible the Internet is. Two decades ago, a bookish person like us could have joined a book club or taken literature lessons, but could have never have their word heard. Ours is, thankfully, heard and answered.

I have found an amazing community of bloggers who are even more passionate than I am about reading and who are a truly inspiration to me when I’m overworked and don’t feel like reading. My concept of reading has changed too. I have my favourite blogs on my Google Reader and I check it religiously every day, although I do not always have the time or the words to comment. As a result, my views on literature have grown globally and I get to see that, despite that, sometimes we are reading the same book. How wonderful is that? In recent days, most of you joined a readathon and spent time reading in a virtual community comparable to a best library in the world.

So, on the Spanish Book Day, a big thank you to all those writers out there who are my daily inspiration and relief from college duties ­čÖé